Cleaning Water Initiatives

About’s the water in Nordwest Haiti 🇭🇹:
So let us join together for Haitians!

We believe the population in Nordwest Haiti should be drinking clean water. That’s why Glory House Services (GHS) takes the initiative for them, could you join or work with us? Water in Nordwest Haïti: Can you imagine what dirty water in Nordwest Haiti can do to the population? Yes, they could deal with battling cancer! At Glory House Glory (GHS), we want to do a campaign to provide sawyer filters to Nordwest Haiti. Could you join us? Welcome to your contributions , I know people who live in Nordwest Haiti will say, “Mèsi”, meaning “Thank you “. If you would like to be part of the campaign, email us at [email protected]
Anyone interested can make donations at

My own experience in Nordwest Haiti: Water in NW Haiti about Me! My life in NW Haiti!

• People in NW Haiti face problems/water
• Walking miles to get some water
• Very poor area
• No Clean Water
• People are struggle every morning ( early in the morning)
• Need some resources to help those in need
• Dying in NW Haiti, (Hot, but no water there now)
1.  remember how used to get and go for water there in NW Haiti.
2. Bucket on top head/ fare away
3. wake up early in the morning
4. Distance/ walk by feet
 5. Then, prepared to go to school/Church
6. Feed the goats/Donkyes/ ships, it was not easy lives for the population in Nordwest Haiti.


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