No Families Left Behind in Haiti

The families, especially the children and young adults of Haiti, who need more than just hopes and prayers, for the little island that was once called the “Pearl of the Antilles” and was the example of how dedicated individuals can changed the trajectory of their lives and influence the world for better when they defeated the majority mindset of the 19th century. I am Idalbert Joseph of Glory House Services, we don't have millions to offer the Haitian youth and families but we do have ideas that center on education and creating holistic opportunities that will create long lasting change. I am honored to be part of the catalyst of change that is helping to shine the light of education and empowerment in my country of birth.

About the author

What America means to me"!! I am Joseph Idalbert, and from in Haiti. I came from in Florida and been here in Kansas City area about 6 years. I know I will not have enough time to discribe the meaningful American to me. As a resident who come from Miami to the Midwest, so that American means so much to me. It is meant rehabilitation which take me far away to be here with the Missourians. The bill of right that gives people the right of speech, liberty, freedom, unity, and fraternity to all men are created equal. It is very powerful, and considers America on the top by the way there to restore all others countries. I like to live here, and stay where is free to express themselves. I mean people are free to help, and practice or express the rightness. So far living here, I see that anyone can loose the value that you get if you let control by the devil in practicing drugs, kidnapping, thief, abuse, violations, murder, murk, corruption's and other wrong things that probably against American 's constitution. In American, it is safe to me by practicing the right things; it has to stay clean and neat, not jumps trashes on the streets and highways. It provides self company to take away all the garbage's. Just to prevent people from getting cold, fever, and other bad diseases. America's one nation under God and safety county which get ruled by different groups of military services, Army services, and Navy services. In order to do so they use only one Holy Spirit and one Mind. I do like living here, the reason is I have full security twenty four hours, and seven days a week during just control or stop all of the compromises that might take place during the darkness. What is beautiful country! I believe with all my heart that America will not give up until the end of this earth. Dear America, I all secure.

American and compare America

I truly think American and compare America is a mother who cares for not only her own children, but for all single humans being who has the same blood cell as she does. If America is not existed where would I be now? I grow up in a big mountain, in North West Haiti Jean Rabel, near Port de Paix and Aux mole Saint Nicolas. I thank you America for letting me worship with all different kind of nations, race, color, sex, and religious etc. Even other folks really loosing their citizenship, I Idalbert Joseph I continue keeping mine until I die. In other hand America, I thank you with all the power.

Years again, I used to be poor, and my parents were homeless, lack of foods, electricity, water, automobile, and other things, but I was very intelligent student who understood the powerful word of God, and taught He could do whatever possible things to bring me here in America. American means to me : Education , development, taking care of those who can not help themselves. I study for four years at DeVry University, Kansas City MO, and now the foundation of Glory House Services for the Haitians Americans in Greater Kansas City Missouri.

School Programming

I would like to have an After School Programming in Nordwest Haiti for the community in Nordwest, programs for the Youths, and Adults. I best try to let all the all Haitians Americans understand " Americans Dreams". My mother who was raising me when I first land in America, was afraid of me; she always encouraged me to continue my education, by not doing the same mistake she did. She was not well educated, and did two different jobs to raise the all family. As I was born in a poor country in the Caribbean, I will never forget all the trouble and misery I have been through. My dad and mom left me in Haiti, and grew up my grand mother who have 14 children, and I was the first grand child in the family. I grew up like an orphan, always crying for food, but she did a great job by saving last food for all who were little.

American means to me a country where folks enjoys

American means to me a country where folks enjoys, eats, and have fun without scared anything. Believe it or not it is the best place to live as I heard my parents who left me in Haiti. American's Architect means to me so much, it is because they design the most revolutionary houses, the cars, roads, and the most beautiful building in the world; the great spirit America has to do so. American means to me a country that units all people and stands on one flag with fifty stars which represents the fifty states in America with a higher level in technology in the world compares to me. Being a true architect country, the president of Jefferson asked to write the declaration of Independence as an architect, he designed the University of Virginia, and built the campus; inventor, lawyer, musicians, and served as the great president in America. America means to me that has many talents, and the best remembers as a defender of humans right. I love and adore God the one has done all these unbelievable things to me in America.

How You Can Help Glory House Services Locally Cont*

In addition, there are many ways you could help Glory House Services by working with board members and other volunteers on the following projects:

  • Applying for grants
  • Finding new donors or organizations willing to partner with GHS
  • Advertisement for GHS
  • Brainstorming and implementing fundraising opportunities Recruiting new volunteers
  • Updating the GHS website
  • Creating a monthly newsletter

GHS sponsors teachers in several schoold in the Northern region of Haiti. By funding teachers, GHS is able to ensure that children in Haiti can do to school for free. Welcome team:
* Missions team
* Volunteers team
* Engineers
* Architects
* Grant writers
* Agronomist
* Project management

Inside the Community center in NW Haiti:
* Teach medical care and support
* Sanitary condition
* Love children and respect their babies
* Teach AIDS ( prevent)
* After birth experience
* Need mid wife
* Need to train in the community
Women program
* Teach life skill
* Support their family
* How to read, and write
* Learn to sew
* Learn to make jewelry
* Learn to cook, teach business
* Most people in NW Haiti are farmers ( need agronomy)
PS: GHS would like to transform lives in NW Haiti.

Idalbert talk

Our Biggest Needs (Idalbert talk) .Funding for the school in Haiti ▪ Give people an idea of how much more money we need to raise, ask if they have any ideas about how we can do this ▪ Ask if anyone is willing to do some fundraising for us (Ex. GHS can do a small presentation at a church, community organization, school, workplace, or club and collect donations afterwards)

Working with people who bring you joy is a gift. --Pay a family salary, just $70.00a month provides enough support for one family in Nordwest Haiti . Pay online at or mail to our address. 1675 PO BOX, Independence MO 64050. 
Become an Ambassador, share information within your network of friends about our work in Kansas City and in Northwest Haiti.
Volunteer at an event
Schedule one of our speakers to meet with your group before your next trip to Haiti.

Glory House Services also has a primary role in educating children in the Northwest Territory of Haiti. We will bring hope to people in Nordwest Haiti. Education advocacy in NW Haiti

Their smiles say it all

No amount is too small and I thank you in advance for your generosity and support. If you want more information or wish to donate directly to Glory House Services, visit their website: (

By donating a gift to an impoverished family or a community like Nordwest Haiti, you will be greatly impacted their lives in extraordinary ways. Your contributions will make their lives so much easier. It's a gift that will go a long way.

Would you consider giving a monthly donation of $100 or $250 , 500$ or more per month? Even if you have never gone, you can share in making an important educational gift to someone you will never know. Please consider clicking the secure website link and joining in sharing the cost of monthly payments for our schools in Nordwest Haiti. Can you please help us fund these teachers, with a contribution that can pay a salary for one month, or for one year? Thank you for partnering with Glory House Services.

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