Idalbert Joseph’s Dream

About the books and the links: Idalbert is a native of North-West Haiti, which is one of the worst regions of this entire country. We will unpack ‘worst’ for you within this book & through the telling of Idalbert Joseph’s story. It is fact that this northwest part of Haiti, which receives little help because of poor infrastructure, is an isolated section of Haiti with minimal resources and support. However, it is just a few steps away from the Royal Caribbean tourist stop; and just south of the southern border of Cuba. Haiti is an historical treasure with people who possess indomitable spirit and a will to survive. So many Haitians have escaped the poverty and proven they can be successful anywhere in the world. Here is the story of one man, who is using his success to bring hope to this region of Haiti. Idalbert is a man in love with his homeland; he is passionate about ‘where he came from’ and is leading efforts to help those people. Initiated by Idalbert’s persistence and vision, he and others will continue to improve this very challenging and desperate part of our world!!

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